Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Faith and I got out Jazzy today and worked with her. Previously I had been lunging her to try to get her back in shape and increase her muscle tone and endurance. The changes in her diet have already shown me an increase in energy and stamina. I have also been doing ground work, desensitizing, and I have gotten on her a few times and walked, worked on one rein stops, bending and flexing....and just lots of reassurance. She still has fear of pain related to riding from her COPD, so we are re-introducing her to riding now that she feels better and showing her it won't hurt. She loves to be a part of the activity and wants to work....so we are starting her back to work slowly, so she will continue to have positive experiences. Today I finally felt comfortable enough to put Faith on her under saddle on a lunge. So we saddled her up and went for a walk. Once Jazzy was visibly relaxed we started lunging. Faith did sitting and posting trot on her while rubbing her all over. After awhile I let Faith take over with the reins, allowing her to slow Jazzy and turn her. They did great. Faith even had Jazzy back up. As we both had our hands full, we weren't able to get any pics of Faith riding Jazzy, but here are some Faith took of me lunging Jazzy....isn't she pretty?

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  1. She is so pretty!! But then, I have a thing for Paints. =^)