Monday, January 3, 2011

Back Into The Routine

The kids have been on break for over two weeks, and school started back today. Which means no more sleeping in for Mommy! I've had the luxury of sleeping until 7:30 and 8:00 and not going into the farm until it starts to warm up a few degrees, but back to up at 6:00. After a direct IV of coffee, I actually fell pretty easily back into the routine of our mornings, and the kids were tired but good. I had a 9:30 appointment with my Farrier for Pilgrim's loose shoe, but he called and rescheduled to tomorrow morning. It gave me some extra time which is always a help.
A frosty start to the morning
Pilgrim and CJ enjoy some sun! Ready for the blankets to come off for awhile!
The horses were all sunbathing, enjoying some much needed time out of there blankets. I was able to do some hill work with MayMay, and tried to clean up my mud muffin, Jazzy! She got lunged and some showmanship/halter work. I can't work Pilgrim much until the shoe is fixed, so other than some brief hand walking and his bucket, he got the day off.
On a bright note, my Christmas present should arrive today! My wonderful husband ordered me the Dublin River Boots, but unfortunately they were the wrong size. My replacement pair is suppose to arrive today. I asked for these partially because they were pretty, and like walking on a cloud (no break in required!), but also because they are waterproof. My paddock boots have seen better days and I believe the homeless may have boots with less holes. I was tired of risking ruining my dress boots just to have dry feet, plus after walking in them for awhile my feet are usually screaming! My cowboy boots are nice, but call me vain, I can't ride in an English saddle with them. I can however ride in a western saddle in dress boots I've recently discovered. How that works, I have no idea!
I'm crossing my fingers they are waiting for me at the house....the walkway between the arena and the back 40 acres is a lake....and no more wet feet on a 20 degree morning! What more could a girl ask for?

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