Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Don't get me wrong...I'm very excited the kids are back at school after all the snow days, but my sleep schedule is screwed up and I'm not getting to sleep until late. Pile on that the whole getting up early and running until just an hour or so before bed....I'm wiped. I may need a direct IV line of coffee for the rest of the week to keep me going until I get back into the groove. Although snow is back in the who knows!

Pilgrim had a good ride this morning...a little hyper from his time off still, but making a valiant effort to listen. He had some really nice moments of lateral. His stretching frame is soooo nice and his free walk is great! Now if only we can get everything else going so well! Didn't get to do much canter because of the arena still being mushy, but it is definitely improving...much more balanced.

Lessons all afternoon before home and helping with homework before crashing!


  1. I find myself checking your blog first thing every morning (after the coffee is done perking). It's interesting, well written, funny. And I am not saying that just because I am your Mom.

  2. Awww, shucks...thanks Mom! I'm glad your enjoying it...I'm really enjoying writing it!