Friday, January 21, 2011


Cali Cat assisting me in driving around the farm....always helpful!
Today was a cold one. Heather and I spent the day trying to find the sunniest places on the farm to work in all day. Every time we would finally start to thaw out, the sun would move! Just a reminder, no matter how many layers you have on, if it doesn't get above freezing, the saddle is still cold when you sit in it! At least the horses seemed to enjoy the soaking up the rays, despite the chilly weather!
Ponies enjoying the morning sunshine
"You want to take my blanket off now? I just got comfy!"

Heather and I got a phone call today asking if we would like to be featured instructors at this years 4-H clinic. We were asked last year, but it was snowed out and never rescheduled. We were again very honored and of course said yes. I myself am a big supporter of the 4-H programs, as that's where I got my start. This clinic is always a great way to give back and possibly pick up some new students. It's open to any 4-H members anywhere and often draws crowds from 3-4 surrounding states as well as throughout Tennessee. Again, it's a great honor. Heather will be teaching a class on jumping, I will be teaching one on Showmanship and one on Western Pleasure. They will also be having someone in to demonstrate a new class called Cattle Boxing. We are just as excited to see it!

For those of you avid Quarter Horse in Dressage supporters, check out February's issue of Dressage Today, where you will find the American Quarter Horse featured in an article covering the AQHA's dressage program and the new opportunities it's creating for the breed and their riders. It's a great article and showcases many horses and riders already competing, including my personal hero Lynn Palm who has worked for more than a decade to help make dressage a recognized discipline within the AQHA. Being a lifetime AQHA member myself, I hope I can make my mark in the sport and help positively shape this program that's still in its infancy!

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