Friday, January 28, 2011

Sunshine and lollipops

And rainbows and was a pretty day, plenty of sunshine...not many lollipops or rainbows. My day almost completely stunk. First I got to the farm early so I would have plenty of time to ride Pilgrim. I brought him down to the arena and let him run and play for a minute. I started to groom him and pick his hooves and noticed both front shoes were loose. Afraid he would have a tendon issue I decided not to ride him. Unfortunately my farrier is out of town until no ride til then. Bummer.

The bright side of my day came next. I got MayMay out to work her and she had a nice lunge, then saddled up to go for a ride. She did great and I finally got more than a step or two of trot. We actually trotted down the long side of the arena! I'm so proud of her! Her owner has been coming and handling her and rode her last week at the walk so she could learn how to use the bosal. She will be riding her again tomorrow, so I won't be back on her until Monday....but we are shooting for a full circle around the arena both ways!

After MayMay I was in good spirits and Heather and I went out to see Johnny Cash and get his stuff together for the move back to the farm. We called to him and he came right to us...37 acres, 8 other horses, and that horse still comes running when I call him! He's a bit chubby and will need to go back on an exercise routine once back. I'm excited to have him join us. We had moved him out to where he is due to our old facility was only indoor and had very limited turnout....I'm talking 3 round pen size turnouts. Johnny's brain did not handle this well and after extended time there he eventually became very spooky and timid. He needed to get back outside and spend some time being a horse. It totally worked, he is mellow, happy, and back to his normal self. Our new location will suit him well and I'm looking forward to getting him back into work.

On our way back to the farm, pulling in I saw Jazzy laying down. At first I thought she might just be soaking up some sun, but I had a bad feeling. Sure enough, I get close and see her heaving, gasping for breath. I'm trying not to panic but I'm afraid she may be dying. I call the vet, a different one from my normal vet since it was an emergency and I needed someone fast. I love my regular vet, but this may have been a blessing in disguise as I finally got a diagnosis for Jazzy. My regular vet always felt we were battling a bacteria infection that may be resistant to antibiotics. In order to calm her breathing today we had to inject her with steroids. All her symptoms and her immediate response to steroids strongly suggests COPD or RAO...whichever you prefer. This was something that was always in the back of our minds, but we had not approached yet. Definitely feel we are at least on the right track now! Although I had a moment of complete breakdown where I thought I might have to put her down. The vet reassured me that she was not suffering, and we can try to manage her symptoms pretty cost effectively. It's worth a shot...and like I said, at least we are heading in the right direction.

So after my nervous breakdown on the farm, I head home. Poor Faith didn't get to ride today due to all the drama, I had to send my mom to pick her up from school. Thank god I have family so close...I don't know what I would do without them! Chuck picked both the kids up from her house and came home to meet me. I had started dinner, Creamy Spinach Penne Pasta...yum! As I'm getting ready to pour my creamy spinach sauce over my penne noodles, the bottom comes off the blender and spills the sauce all over the counter, the front of the cabinets and the floor. So as I stand in the kitchen crying (my long and stressful day finally taking its toll), my husband puts his arm around me and says, "let's go out for dinner". Gotta love him! At the mexican restaurant I ordered Taquitos, in which the waiter asked me something in spanish (which I can't remember hardly any of my two years of high school spanish) and I just repeat "TAQUITOS" louder and husband informs me I may not be receiving any food tonight. I did....Tacos! I couldn't help but laugh....perfect ending to my day!


  1. Ah gee, thanks for making your Mom cry reading this. You broke my heart when you called me to pick the kids up telling me about Jazzy. And then your kitchen disaster set me off again. Then a good cry because Chuck is so, well so "Chuck". But trust me, El Publito has gone downhill lately and you probably wouldn't have liked the taquitos anyway! Love you guys! Mom

  2. LOL! I swear I think they speak LESS English now!