Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yuck followed by Ick

That's right, a yucky day full of rain showers followed by and icky day of rain, then snow, then slush. Tomorrow is suppose to be nice again. In the mean time, not able to get a whole lot done the last two days. We were able to get everyone dewormed yesterday and the tack shed cleaned out and organized a bit. I'm bringing Johnny back this weekend. He's been out at pasture on a farm down the street since the barn we were at before had limited turnout, but new horses are moving in so it's time for him to come join the group. We are excited to have him come and I plan to start riding him this spring. I've been so busy with Pilgrim, lessons, and horses in training, he's kind of been put on a back burner for a bit. Chuck is especially excited as they seem to have bonded. 

Favorite quote of the day:
"If you're looking for something dead broke, don't look at my horses, just look at me!" Ain't that the truth!

Check out this video....look closely because YES that is a mule! Are you watching this Pilgrim? If he can do it so can you!

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