Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year!

Welcome to 2011 and Happy New Year to all! The start of a new year always stirs up all those hopes and dream of what we want to achieve. I've never been much for resolutions, however I am an avid goal setter and compulsive list maker. So here is a list of my goals for 2011:

* Memorize the new tests!

*Compete in at least 3 rated shows with Pilgrim at Training Level

* Be schooling 1st Level by end of the year

* Remind Pilgrim he is not a motorcycle in the 10 meter circle, nor is haunches in a requirement at the canter.

* Survive a packed show season with our show team with my sanity and nerves still in tact

* Try not to have a heart attack as my daughter starts coursing 18" crossrails with Chip....who sometimes forgets we've been working on an easy steady pace and thinks he should be speeding around the course like an Olympic Show Jumper.

* Finish training MayMay with all my appendages still attached, turn her into a cute little pleasure horse, and try to teach her very timid owner to ride in a bosal and be firm enough to make MayMay listen. 

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