Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snow Day!

Heather taking a test ride on MayMay
We were able to get feeding done and work MayMay before the snow began. It was suppose to be chilly with afternoon light showers. Instead, it was downright cold and started snowing! MayMay had a good ride despite spooking at our resident farm cat, and even Heather tried her hand at riding in the bosal (she had never used one before). It was nice to be able to see her from the ground. She is amazingly quiet and relaxed! Still very nervous about the trot, so still working on just getting her to step forward more in the walk off the leg pressure, then rewards!

I could only get one lesson in before the snow started really sticking. Chip was none too happy about it but talk about student dedication! Ahhh to be  young again....go girly go!

Hopefully we'll have nice weather tomorrow so I can ride my boy. That whole having to earn money thing can really get in the way of your personal ride time!

By the time I got home my backyard was almost covered!

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