Saturday, January 15, 2011

Is spring here yet?

I was able to finally teach a few lessons today. We taught out in the field as it is melting. Everything else is pretty much either still snow covered or turning into mud. Jazzy slid in some of the mud in her paddock today and is a little stocked up on her right front and right rear so I'm having to deal with that.With the sun out this afternoon, it was actually a really pretty day...I can't complain too much. I even decided to take Chip out for a workout in the field...he needed the hill work and work on his right lead at the canter. He's been doing better in the arena but out in the field it's like he forgets he has it! The best part is I rode in Heather's Albion jumping saddle, which I'm in love's soooo comfy! It looks like the arena is finally starting to thaw a bit. I'm crossing my fingers that I can use it in the next day or two.

Cindy and Jane came by today and surprised Heather and I with a late Christmas gift...winter coats with Creekside Stables embroidered on it! I'm so excited! They told us to pretend the Walking Horse on the front was a Dressage horse...LOL! Just another reminder what a great decision it was for us to move here!

Faith has been running a fever the last few days and stuck at the house. She seems to be doing better today, but is definitely missing her pony. They are out of school Monday for the holiday, and my husband is home! I'm hoping the weather holds out and maybe everyone can get some ride time in!

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