Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Farriers, Boots, and Lessons

So my farrier braved the cold morning and came out to fix Pilgrim's shoe. Pilgrim hates this! Him and my farrier usually exchange a few words, my farrier trying to explain that this is for his good, and Pilgrim trying to steal his hat and pull on his zipper. I was able to lunge him a bit after words to make sure he was sound and moving well. So far, so good. Hopefully I can get on him tomorrow so we can get back to work.

In the mean time....my boots came in!
They fit and everything! They got their first test run today...I'm loving them so far. I trudged through a small pond to get to the back 40 acres and my feet are still dry. They also stayed warm and comfortable. They were a little bulky in the stirrups, both western and english. It'll take a little getting used to, but I definitely think they are worth it! No more wet feet in my holey paddock boots, no more ruining my dress boots, and no more freezing to death in my cowboy boots. Life is good!

I worked with the MayMay today. After letting her free lunge and play, I lunged her and saddled up to ride. I have her comfortably walking around with me riding her in the bosal. Walking, turning, stopping (gotta love knowing you have brakes!), and moving laterally off my leg. Today we attempted the trot. I could only get a few steps out her here and there, so I gave her big rewards and called it a day. She seems really nervous to move forward, so I'm taking it slow. Her owners got her from a horse rescue and are new to horses and it was for their daughter who had never ridden. MayMay was 4, had had a baby that died and had never been ridden. The rescue had just started her with ground work and sat on her a few times with a hackamore on. Needless to say not a great fit for the family, she sat on their farm for awhile with the daughter being led around on her by her dad once in awhile. A friend came over to ride her for them. He put a bit in her mouth and jumped on and kicked. MayMay took off...ran through a barbed wire fence injuring both herself and rider and scaring her family permanently. After she healed they brought her to us. I should mention this is not something I would normally take on. Heather and I both focus on finish work and show prep...we have a strict "no crazy" policy as neither of us can afford to get seriously hurt. We took on the daughter for lessons while MayMay was recovering. After, they asked us to come evaluate the horse. Heather went out, called me and said I needed to take on this horse. She's a beautiful bay Quarter Horse who is extremely intelligent. Heather said she listened and caught on quick....just never had anyone really tell her what to do. So I agreed....on my terms, at my pace, and here she is.

The afternoon brought sunny skies and warmer weather. I did my afternoon lessons soaking up some much needed sun. One of my girls got riding pants, paddock boots, and a helmet for Christmas. She looked so cute! Faith rode Chip for a bit. The arena is still pretty mushy and the field is still a little slick, so I just had her stick with her flat work in the arena. Then off to home to get dinner in us and Dwight to Karate!

Nothing but cold weather the rest of the week. Brrrrrrrrr

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